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“Crystal Energy” life coach  

by Alexander Zharkov

Workshop “Find Your Life Purpose”

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Workshops, classes, professional psychological help, and treatment of diseases, depression and phobias.

You wish to:
  • Have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Find your life purpose and make a living by doing something that you love to do.
  • Learn how to effectively use your time and other resources.
  • Protect yourself and your family from energy attacks and parasites.
  • Find your second half and create a happy and strong family.
  • Raise happy and healthy children.
If you have:
  • Health problems
  • Chronic diseases
  • Genetic predisposition
  • “Mistakes of youth” consequences
  • Unhealthy lifestyle consequences
  • Health problems that cannot be diagnosed by regular doctors
  • Restless sleep and nightmares
You will receive:
  • Aura diagnosis
  • Correction of energy flow
  • Energy and aura cleansing and healing
  • Enhanced regeneration of damaged organs and tissues
  • Remote removal of energy impact and black/white magic spells

You will also gain knowledge about ancient energy practices and healing techniques to use on a daily basis to heal your body and maintain good health.

Education and help
in the following areas:


About trainer

Alexander Zharkov is a unique Crystal Energy personality. He radiates optimism and charges everyone with good energy. His life’s goal is to make the world a better place where humans will live in peace and harmony with each other.

Alexander helps people to discover and implement their life purpose as well as to develop their talents. He also helps with establishing and maintaining good relationship between family members, parents and children, colleagues and authorities. Workshops, couching, personal growth training, professional psychological help and consultation are available in Kiev, Ukraine.

Psychologist, humanist, esoteric, Eniology analyst, and a business coach. Successful businessman and startup expert, Alexander Zharkov is also a owner of Progroup & Renaissance consulting, and various international projects and companies.

Alexander develops and shares universal technologies of achieving success in business. He has individual approach towards every client and situation.

Alexander Zharkov?

What you get


Advice Conducted in person
by appointment

It's at least an hour of attention and the coach personally with you on any interest Your questions - whether it's health, family, business, or something else (other than the lottery, of course). Sign up - and our operator will contact you for further details.

Remote removal of energy impact and black/white magic spells

Treatment of diseases of any complexity with the help of correction energy fields with an individual approach to each patient.

During the sessions takes place:

  • healing of physical and energy bodies,
  • the launch of enhanced regeneration of damaged organs and tissues,
  • removal of destructive programs and energetic influence,
  • cutting off the negative binding,taking away the negative thoughts, emotions, obsessions
  • exorcism,
  • Building energy protection from negative impacts
  • changes in life scenarios for the better, and easier correction of karma as possible
  • otkryie abilities and improving biological poentsiala Higher Essence of man,
  • transformation of consciousness, awareness,
  • Harmonization of psychological and emotional state.
  • The number of sessions depends on the diagnosis, disease severity, energetic influence of external (corruption, evil eye, curses, slander, etc.) and energy individual. Used for healing and restoration techniques are author Alexander Zharkov, basis on the use of healing Flow Primordial Light Alive, with the cooperation and assistance of the Angelic systems, Teachers and Masters of Light (Co-Creator, the Creator, the peacekeepers), Akash, Mother Earth, the Architect of the Universe , Creator of the Universe, as well as higher self, soul and spirit of man.Sessions are safe, used technique is not conflictual with any ideological concept.

    Individual courses "Change Your Life"

    • Duration of the course - 40 days.
    • You get full support personally Alexander Zharkov in all spheres of life: health, relationships, business, talent, home, wardrobe, study the fears, etc.Phoned 2 times a day, a personal meeting or Skype once a week. Calculating Pythagoras and biorhythm by date and place of birth, name (s).
    • You become a new person: get rid of bad habits and zavedet useful, restore your health and will develop talents sgarmoniziruete living space and build a successful business!
    • You can enroll on this site for a personal meeting or festivals crystal fest (Crystal Fest)Write your interests and goals - and they form the basis of your personal course!
    • All that is required of you - is to take a decision and boldly step into a new, happy life!

    Remote of charging items (create amulets and personal protection)

  • Amulets and charms to help a person to be protected from the negative effects bring health benefits, increased power of the owner, success, attraction of favorable forces to achieve the desired goals,
  • Individual selection of the mascot, a suitable person to solve,
  • Charging mascot expert, "including" the right qualities and channels.
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